1st  ABA - reports

Part I
Electrochemistry of materials for Advanced Batteries, Electrochromics and Supercapacitors
  1. J. Vondrák, M. Sedlaříková, J. Reiter J. Velická and B. Klápště:

  2. Gel Polymer Electrolytes Based On Pmma
  3. Martin Míka, Jiří Vondrák, Břetislav Klápště:

  4. Ion-Conducting Glasses with Li+
  5. Jiří Vondrák, Marie Sedlaříková, Jana Velická, Břetislav Klápště and Jakub Reiter

  6. Seven-Segment Display Unit
  7. Kerouani N, Kerouani D, Chelali N, J. Vondrak:

  8. Synthesis and electrochemical study  of polymer-electrolyte for high energetic density accumulator
  9. J. Vondrák, M. Sedlaříková, V. Novák and J. Velická:

  10. Comparison of various oxides as cathode materials for lith 
  11. Kai-C. Möller, Silke C. Skrabl, Wolfgang K. Appel, Jürgen O. Besenhard and Martin Winter:

  12. Filming Properties of Fluorinated Solvents on Graphitic Anodes for Lithium Ion Batteries
  13. Miran Gaberšček, Marjan Bele, Jernej Drofenik, Robert Dominko, and Stane Pejovnik:

  14. Improvement of Anode and Cathode Properties in Lithium Ion Batteries via Modifications in Preparational Procedures
  15. Mario Wachtler, Markus R. Wagner, Mario Schmied, Jürgen O. Besenhard, and Martin Winter:

  16. Strategies to improve the cycling stability of lithium storage metals and alloys
  17. James P. Olivier, Peter Golob, Hilmi Buqa, and Martin Winter:

  18. Determination of surface heterogeneities on graphites and their relation to performace in lithium ion batteries
  19. Martin Winter, Hilmi Buqa, Marco V. Santis Alvarez, and Jürgen O. Besenhard:

  20. Impacts of graphite pre-treatment on solid electrolyte interphase formation of graphitic anodes in lithium ion cells
  21. Gerhard H. Wrodnigg, Martin Winter,  and Jürgen O. Besenhard:

  22. Cyclic and Linear Sulfites for New Lithium Ion-Battery Electrolytes
  23. Gerhard H. Wrodnigg, Petr Novák, Martin Winter, and Jürgen O. Besenhard:

  24. Solvated and Unsolvated Lithium Intercalation into Graphites
  25. J. Prachařová, J. Přidal, J. Bludská, I. Jakubec:

  26. Thin Film Components for Li-Ion Microbateries
  27. V. Strelko:

  28. Mechanism of Oxygen Heteroatoms Influence on Processes to Produce Superdence Concentration of Alkaline Metals in Graphite Intercalation Compounds
  29. Hilmi Buqa, Robert I. R. Blyth, Falko P. Netzer, Michael G. Ramsey, Peter Golob, Martin Winter and Jürgen O. Besenhard

  30. Xps Studies Of Graphites For Lithium Ion Cells
  31. Hilmi Buqa, Peter Golob, Jürgen O. Besenhard and Martin Winter:

  32. Improving The Electrochemical Performance Of Graphitic Carbons In Lithium Ion Cells By Surface Treatment
  33. Hilmi Buqa, Marco V. Santis Alvarez, Christa Grogger, Robert I. R. Blyth, Falko P. Netzer, Michael G. Ramsey, Jürgen O. Besenhard and Martin Winter:

  34. Surface Modification Of Graphitic Anodes By Silylation
  35. B.B.Khina and I.Solpan:

  36. Mathematical Model Of Enhanced Solid-State Diffusion During Mechanical Alloying
  37. F. Beck, M. Dolata and R. Chromik:

  38. Supercapacitors and metal-free Rechargeable Batteries on the Basis of Carbon and Graphite Materials
  39. Bagreev, Yu. Tarasenko, J. Vondrak

  40. Synthetic Active Carbons for Electric DL-Capacitors
  41. J. Garche, M. Wohlfahrt-Mehrens:

  42. New Materials for Supercapacitors
  43. J. Divisek,  M.-S. Löffler, B. Groß, H. Natter, R. Hempelmann:

  44. Synthesis and Characterisation of Catalyst Layers for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Applications
  45. V. Gogel, K. Lasch, J. Kerres, L. Jörissen, J.Garche:

  46. Direct Methanol Fuel cells   Materials and Systems Issues
  47. B. Klápště, J. Vondrák, J. Velická, V. Novák and M. Sedlaříková:

  48. Bifunctional Catalysts for Alkaline Fuel Cell Cathodes 
Part II
Microsymposium on development and Marketing on modern alkaline Batteries
  1. María-Luisa Soria (Dr. Mrs.), Joaquín Chacón, Carlos Hernández (Mr.):

  2. Development of High Performance Ni-MH Electrodes and Batteries
  3. Vojtech Svoboda, Grazyna Mlynarek, Alfred Nowacki:

  4. Fast charge of NiMH button cells
  5. Vojtech Svoboda, Harry Döring, Peter Küber, Jan Dyson:

  6. Fast charging of tubular plates VRLA batteries
  7. Petr Škop, Libor Nezgoda:

  8. Perforation of strips in pocket type Ni-Cd accumulators
  9. Cenek M., Rozsívalová Z.:

  10. Single-Track Electric Vehicles and Electrobuses -second and third stage of development of ecological transport in Czech Republic
  11. Cenek, Svoboda, Rozsivalova:

  12. Results of Long-lasting Operation of Ni-Cd Batteries of the SAFT Company in PROTOEL X1, BETA EL 126 and BETA EL 180 Electric Vehicles
  13. Jiří Vaněk:

  14. Efficiency of photovoltaic system
  15. Drnovský R.: 

  16. Morphology of carbon fibres intercalated by lithium observed by ESEM microscope
  17. Bača Petr, Křivák Petr, Šácha Libor:

  18. Study of current distribution in lead acid cell
  19. Vondrák J., Sedlaříková M., Rozsívalová Z.:

  20. Electrochemical Corrosion of Adhesive Joints
  21. M. Sedlaříková and J. Vondrák

  22. Common research performed by the Institute of Electrotechnology and the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry: the list of thesises written by students in the period 1999-2000
  23. Mohelníková J., Buřival Z., Sedlaříková M.:

  24. Electrochromic glazings
  25. V. Novák , J. Vondrák:

  26. Methods testing of electrodes for advanced batteries
  27. Saft Ferak Raškovice

  28. Profile of the Company