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  • 11th International Conference
    Advanced batteries, accumulators and Fuel Cells [A.B.A.-11]

    September 19th-September 22nd, 2010,
    Brno University of technology,
    Antonínská 1, Brno,
    Czech Republic

    Proceedings of the International Meeting on Modern Batteries ABAF No. 11 , September 2010

    This Proceedings is based on the presentations during the Meeting "Advanced Batteries, Accumulators and Fuel Cells", which was No. 11 in the series.

    Only more important contributions have been involved in this assembly.

    First inspection of their scientific meaning and formal correctness was performed by the organizers of the Meeting, as listed below.

    Finally, we would like to invite you to participate on its continuation, ABAF No. 12, in September 2011.

    Abstracts and proceedings available here.

    Organizing committee

    Ass. Professor Marie Sedlarikova, Professor Jiri Vondrak

    Assisting team

    Ing. Petr Dvořák, Ing. David Pleha, Ing. Ondrej Čech, Ass. Professor V. Novák

    Further information from

    A.B.A.-11 Conference Chairman
    Prof. Jiří Vondrák
    Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, v.v.i., Czech Academy of Sciences
    250 68 Husinec - Rez 1001 near Prague
    Czech Republic
    e-mail: vondrakj@iic.cas.cz


    A.B.A. - 11 Vice chairwoman
    Assoc.Prof. Marie Sedlaříková
    Department of Electrotechnology
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communications
    Udolni 53, 602 01 Brno
    Czech Republic
    e-mail: sedlara@feec.vutbr.cz