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  • Faculty of electrical engineering and communication in cooperation with the Electrochemical Society (Pennington, USA) would like to invite you to

    13th International Conference
    Advanced Batteries, Accumulators and Fuel Cells [ABAF 13th]

    August 26th-August 30th, 2012,
    Brno University of technology,
    Antonínská 1, Brno,
    Czech Republic

    Publication of conference materials

    Files containing abstracts and proceedings can be submited after registration and login.

    Deadline for the sending the abstract(s) to the Book of Abstracts. July 15th, 2012.

    The size of the stands (panels) is 150×100cm (h×w), including borders.

    Further instructions

    1. Abstract not exceeding one page and written according to instructions sub (a) must be uploaded before July 15th, 2012 and will be printed in the Book of Abstracts.
    2. Full text of the presentation (including POSTER presentations) according to instructions sub (b) should be upladed before Septamber 15th will be published in an electronic file “Proceedings of ABAF 13th” which will be open for public on the web page of ABAF meetings. These presentations will be reviewed.
    3. All contributions will be published in a separate chapter in one of forthcoming issues “Electrochemical Society – Transactions” and they will be peer-reviewed.
    4. Selected papers can be published in journals prepared by The Electrochemical Society as an independent manuscript, not necessarily identical to the those previously published in Electrochemistry Transactions. The manuscript can include new data and ideas. It will be peer-reviewed according to rules of the Journal. Authors will be invited to prepare them.

    In year 2011, the collection of texts according to point 2 was offered to the agency Thomson & Reuters for evaluation and insertion in the system Web ob Science. Similar approach will be applied after the ABAF conference is finished in year 2012.