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  • Faculty of electrical engineering and communication in cooperation with the Electrochemical Society (Pennington, U.S.A.) would like to invite you to

    12th International Conference
    Advanced batteries, accumulators and Fuel Cells [A.B.A.-12]

    September 11th-September 14nd, 2011,
    Brno University of technology,
    Antonínská 1, Brno,
    Czech Republic

    Publication of conference materials

    Abstract template: download

    Manuscript Submission Flyer: download
    Sample of the proper ABAF ECS Transactions manuscript formatting: download

    Submission of papers into the abstracts until 15.8.2011.

    Posteru size: 150×100 cm (h×w).

    Since this year, we have now accepted following policy for publications.

    Therefore following should be valid:

    1. A printed abstract not longer than 1 page would be inserted into the Book of abstract distributed on registration desk.
    2. Full texts in electronic form should be uploaded to an electronic file "Proceedings of ABAF" which would be open for public.
    3. All contribudions can be published in Transactions of "The Society of Electrochemistry Transaction". Then we ask any participant to deliver a manuscript according to standards given by the ECS-T (can be found on their page). The reviewing will be just technical one- proper fonts, justification of line edges etc. It should be "camera ready".
    4. Full papers can be published either in Journals of the ECS or in Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry. The choice is upon the authors (do not send them to both journals).