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  • Faculty of electrical engineering and communication in cooperation with the Electrochemical Society (Pennington, USA), CVVI and Energoklastr would like to invite you to

    14th International Conference
    Advanced Batteries, Accumulators and Fuel Cells [ABAF 14th]

    September 1st- September 5th, 2013,
    Brno University of technology,
    Antonínská 1, Brno,
    Czech Republic

    Abstracts of the ABAF 14 available for download here.

    Instructions for publication to the Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry

    1. Full texts corresponding to the presentations (both presentations spoken or in the form of poster) will be published in the Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry (Springer Verlag)
    2. Your manuscript can be published in a special issue of Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry. It should be a “full paper” version.
    3. Look on the directions for authors issued by the editor (Springer Verlag). You can accelerate the process of publishing considerably. For details see web site : http://www.springer.com/chemistry/physical+chemistry/journal/10008#rpctoken=238244813&forcesecure=1
    4. Alternatively, you can use a shorter version prepared by Prof. Vondrák; it is accessible at the end of this information.
    5. Send the full papers to prof. Vondrák directly (email vondrak123@seznam.cz or vondraj@feec.vutbr.cz). Prof. Vondrák will perform basic inspection of your text prior to sending it to the Journal or back to you to perform minor improvements if necessary.
    6. You must insert a declaration (into Letter to the Editor) in the Manager such as „This manuscript corresponds to the presentation given at Meeting ABAF-14“ and given by the author. This notice will be used for assembling a special issue or a chapter in such.
    7. Finally, you have to send the manuscript yourself directly to the Journal using its editorial manager.
    8. The deadline for sending to the Editorial manager is October 31st.

    Simplified Instructions for Authors

    "Road map" for writing full a text paper

    Title Page

    The title page should include:


    Please provide an abstract of 150 to 250 words. The abstract should not contain any undefined abbreviations or unspecified references.


    Please provide 4 to 6 keywords which can be used for indexing purposes.

    Text Formatting

    Manuscripts should be submitted in Word.


    Please use no more than three levels of displayed headings.


    Acknowledgments of people, grants, funds, etc. should be placed in a separate section before the reference list. The names of funding organizations should be written in full.


    Reference citations in the text should be identified by numbers in square brackets. Some examples: The entries in the list should be numbered consecutively.
    Journal article
    Nugen S, Baeumner HJ (2008) Trends and opportunities in food pathogen detection. Anal Bioanal Chem 391:451-454
    Nugen S, Baeumner HJ (2008) Anal Bioanal Chem 391:451-454
    Article by DOI
    Slifka MK, Whitton JL (2000) Clinical implications of dysregulated cytokine production. J Mol Med. Doi:10.1007/s001090000086
    South J, Blass B (2001) The future of modern genomics. Blackwell, London
    Book chapter
    Brown B, Aaron M (2001) In: Smith J (ed) The rise of modern genomics, 3rd edn. Wiley, New York
    Online document
    Healthwise Knowledgebase (1998) US Pharmacopeia, Rockville. http://www.healthwise.org. Accessed 21 Sept 1998 Always use the standard abbreviation of a journal’s name according to the ISSN List of Title Word Abbreviations, see www.issn.org/2-22661-LTWA-online.php.


    Electronic Figure Submission

    Line Art - example

    Color Art